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n. 底蚀作用;潜挖;淘空;底切v. 在…下挖坑道;暗中破坏;逐渐损害(undermine的ing形式)adj. 潜挖的;底蚀的

aside from [英][said frm][美][sad frm] 除…之外; 既…又…; 暂置不论; 例句:1.What does schooling bring aside from an undermining of christian truths? 学校教育除了破坏基督真理外还带来了什么?2.Aside from large state-backed concerns, entrepreneurial companies arealso looking overseas. 除了大型国有企业外,创业型企业也在关注海外市场.

cut out prohibition area切出禁区例句:1.Carrying out area reconnaissance to detect an enemy position.在指定地域实施侦察,察明敌阵地情况.2.People wiped out prohibition at last not only because of the alcohol issue but becausescofflawry was


花了不少时间改哦.Human life can not continue without science and technology.For makes them less creative.Current technology is undermining modern people's

这是一个关于make的用法哦Make+宾语+动词原型 意为:使某物做某事Make还有另一个用法Make+宾语+形容词

The Good Soldier vejk (spelled Schweik or Schwejk in many translations, and pronounced [vjk] or "shvake" in plain English transcription) is the shortened title of an unfinished satirical novel by Jaroslav Haek. It was fully illustrated by

When I was a law professor, a student reported that I made an error in grading his exam by giving him too many points. He was right, and after thanking him for his honesty, I changed the grade in my records. His beaming face turned to shock. "You



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