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slow Down造句

You have to slow down your car and prepare to stop when you see a green traffic light turns into yellow.当你看见绿色的交通灯转黄色时, 你须要把车慢下来并准备停车.The road is slippery, you'd better slow down. 路很滑, 你最好把速度放慢.

slowdown : 降低速度, 减速 (= slow down )例句 : There has been a sharp slowdown in economic growth. 经济增长的速度明显放慢.The slowdown appears to have blunted the recent surge in prices. 经济放缓似乎抑制了近期价格的攀升.

It is dangerous to ride a bicycle along an icy road, so we have to use a brake to slow down the bicycle.在冰路上骑车是很危险的,因此我们必须用车闸使自行车减慢速度.Slow down I can't keep up (with you)! 慢点,我跟不上(你)了! You must slow down your car.你必须把车子开慢.

China's economic slowdown could influence the rest of the world

Stop = We stop at the red light, 红灯时我们停下来. Slow down = We slow down when we see people crossing the street. 看见行人时慢下来. Wait = We wait for the light to turn green. 我们等待绿灯. Go = We can go when light is green. 绿灯时我们便能走了. 请采纳谢谢

slow 词性是动词 意为放慢速度 down 词性是介词 slow down是慢下来的意思

slow down 是动词短语,减速;使慢下来 其中slow 自然就是【动词】.例如:The train slowed down and then stopped.祝你开心如意!

slow down[英][slu daun][美][slo dan][释义](使)慢下来, (使)生产缓慢, (使)变得迟钝[例句]Can you please slow down?亲爱的你能走慢点吗?第三人称单数:slows down过去分词:slowed down现在进行时:slowing down过去时:slowed down易混淆词:Slow down

The traffic accident was so heavy that the traffic at rush hour was slow down.



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