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sB pAy monEy For sth造句

就是主语(sb)+pay+钱(some money )+for+买的东西(sth).如:Tom pays thirty dollars for his school bag.

Mum paid some money for my toys.She pays some money for the books.I pay some money for the pen.

I paid ten yuan for the book .我花了十元钱买这本书.

I paid him some money for food.(我支付给他食物的钱)

翻译为某人为某事付钱 下次不会直接CALL我就行了

sb. give sb. money for sth.

Tim paid $50 for this t-shirt.Steve paid about $20 for this pair of sun-glasses.

sb buy sth

pay sb money for sth 为某物付给某人钱

为某人付款,引申义可能有赔偿,看语境付款:pay his son 150$ for the machine赔偿:pay the customer large money for broken goods


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