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你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:.registrated amount是什么意思 注册量

没这词的. 如果是想知道“注册”的动词的话是register. 名词形式是registration

我不知你买边间, 所以手续上或者有d不同而我是买 BUPA 保柏, luckily 我一次都未 claim 过, 不过个阵买既时候都了解得呢个住院保好清楚所以都可以share比你我知到BUPA 保柏住院保果d系点搞要出院免找数, 一定要事先做左registration, 因为如果意外入院, 一来做不切, 二来有意外都会送左去公立医院先, that's why~~~

registrate 应该是 register 的误用吧因为名词是registration哦 整个的意思是 在……(名下)登记注册

Registrate,这个单词是不是写错了?如果是Register successfully的话,意思是“注册成功”

The registration fee is RMB250 for one time.There are three levels,basic,intermediate and advanced level.HSK6 is the level of intermediate.I suggest you registrate the basic

1.what can I help you?有什么我可以帮助你的?2.for this year,register 我是(今年的)1年级研究生,我来(报到)3.what's your name?你的名字是?4.It's a must.那是必须

The Open University of China, located in Haidian District of Beijing, is established in 2012 with registrated students over three million and six hundred thousand.在英语中, 如果用位于, 就不要用具体的号码.只有详细地址用号码. it's address is 75 Haidian District of Bejing.

We provide the following privileges for our members:Privilege 1: Discount membership feeGenerally a member can enjoy a RMB1,000 discount on the membership fee.Privilege 2: One-day PermitWe provide a One-day Permit which allows multiple

Pls allow me to explain something before I recite. Actually my name is Sumu Mu, but as the mistakes when I registered the ID card, it became Sulin. So if you cou



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