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for有很多种用法: 1. 表示“当作、作为”.如: I like some bread and milk for breakfast. 我喜欢把面包和牛奶作为早餐. What will we have for supper? 我们晚餐吃什么? 2. 表示理由或原因,意为“因为、由于”.如: Thank you for helping

我是大学已经过了六级的学生,下面的解答你可以参考一下.介词for的用法 含义: 总结起来有三种用法,意思如下.1 为了2 对于3 用于时间.句子结构:先把主语的东西描述完,再加 for 介词短语.详细讲解:For 的第一个意思:为了 口诀:

for用法总结:用法1:(表目的)为了.如:They went out for a walk. 他们出去散步了.What did you do that for? 你干吗这样做?That's what we're here for. 这正是我们来的目的.What's she gone for this time? 她这次去干什么去了?He

get [^et] vt. 获得, 变成, 收获, 使得, 挣得, 受到(惩罚,打击等), 染上, 抓住 vi. 到达, 成为, 变得 n. 生殖, 幼兽 get get AHD:[gt] D.J.[get] K.K.[gWt] v.(动词) got[gt] got.ten[gt“n] 或 got get.ting,gets v.tr.(及物动词) To come

for 对于to be completely functional为动词不定式作定语,修饰tools

小学英语总复习小学英语介词总结介词(Preposition)一、 概述介词是英语中很活跃的词,一般置于名词之前.它常和名词或名词性词语构成介词短语.同一个介词常和不同

Since 用来说明动作起始时间,for用来说明动作延续时间长度.例如: I have lived here for more than twenty years.我住在这儿二十多年了. I have lived here since I was born. 我从出生起就住在这儿了. 注意:并非有for 作为时间状语的句子都用现在完成时. I worked here for more than twenty years. (我现在已不在这里工作.) I have worked here for many years.(现在我仍在这里工作.) 注意:用句型转换的方法,很容易排除非延续动词在有for/since结构的完成时中的误用.

to:有动感,for主要是指为了,目的感比较强.知道这两点(个人认为是把握这两个介词的关键),再看你的句子,to add a little sunshine --- the world 句意是给世界一点阳光,多数用to,如果用for的话,一般上下文会有提示,或者比较明显的目的俯顶碘雇鄢概碉谁冬京性句子,如:I come here for you.

of的用法总结1:表示剥夺,除去 一:deprive sb. of his right denude sb. of his possession (hope) divest the baby of his clothes rid him of this fear rob sb. of his wallet defraud sb. of gold ring cure sb. of cancer heal sb. of cancer purify the nation clean

of 是什么的意思 也就是 a friend of one's 或者固定搭配 in the midlle of ,当它做介词的时候 后面接的动词多用ing形式,比如 I am thinking of going to beijing 当有为了的意思,也有给某人的意思的时候, 大多用for ,还有固定短语常用到的介词,例子有 I will buy a book for you as your birthday gift. thanks for doing sth for sb, ask for one's help


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