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dollar general美元总 拼音 双语对照 dollar general网络验厂咨询; 验厂资料双语例句1According to Accenture, low-end retailers such as Family Dollar and Dollar General saw average revenue grow by 19% in total over the past three years and

adj. 业已交货;已递送,已投递v. 递送(deliver的过去分词)

delivered 音节划分:deliver 英 [d'lvd] 美 [d'lvd] adj. 在…交货的,包括运费在内的 v. 递送,交付( deliver的过去式和过去分词 ); 发表; 交出; 发动 双语例句 1. David delivered Holly gratefully into the woman's outstretched

是deliver的过去时,已送达deliverKK: []DJ: []vt.1. 投递;传送;运送[(+to)]The mailman delivered the letters promptly.那个邮差准时地投递信件.2. 给予(打击等);发动(进攻)[O]3. 发表;讲;宣布He delivered an important report at the

中文意思递送;发表.delivered 英 [d'lvd] 美 [d'lvd] v. 递送;发表;履行诺言;移交;助产;分娩;投掷;拉(选票);宣布(判决);给予(打击、震惊等);解救(deliver 的过去式及过去分词) 短语 delivered sound 已完好交货

delivered by在此为过去分词用作后置定语,其功效相当于一个定语从句,用过去分词表示【被动】,故在此等于:the instantaneous power Pa (that/which is delivered by phase a of the generous)

elimentri不用中文发音 要学拼读音标


Google翻译:交付Google翻译:delivered by Tom Cruise =由汤姆克鲁斯交付

shirt[英][:t] [美][t] n.衬衫,衬衣;内衣,汗衫复数:shirts例子:1.It was also a time of very shirt skirts.那也正是一个流行衬衫加短裙的时期.2.This shirt has a spot on the cuff.这件衬衣有一斑点在袖口上.3.Is your shirt made of cotton?你的衬衫是用棉布做的吗?4.What's the price of your new shirt?你的新衬衫是多少钱买的?5.Your missing shirt will be delivered tomorrow.您丢失的衬衫明天给您送去.


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