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chlorinated phenols 含氯苯酚网络释义 含氯苯酚 氯苯酚 含氯酚 氯化酚类短语Chlorinated Phenols Content 氯化苯酚含量双语例句1.Chlorinated phenols are common organic pollutants of the environment, and theiraccelerated degradation in soils

shunt resistance英[nt rizistns]美[nt rzstns]分流电阻,分路电阻,并联电阻[例句]However , note that reducing the shunt resistance will degrade the signal-to-noise ratio.然而要注意减小分流电阻会降低信号噪声比.To reduce

As verbs the difference between decay and decompose is that decay is to deteriorate, to get worse, to lose strength or health, to decline in quality while decompose is to separate or break down something into its components; to disintegrate or

1,what effects does littering have on the enviroment?Litter can cause a whole range of problems for everyone in the community. Litter discarded in streets and parks can travel through the storm water system to our bays and oceans, where it can

可以是to do,也可以是do 词典上把to 加个括号表示可有可无

To protect the environment is the human consciously protect natural resources and make them get reasonable use, to prevent the pollution of natural environment and damage; Keep comprehensive of contamination and damage of environment

pat GeneMediates a tolerance to the herbicide phosphinotricin (glufosinate).A number of soil bacteria naturally posess the pat gene. It enables them to degrade phosphinotricin (glufosinate) in the soil.In 1988, the pat gene was successfully isolated

signal-to-noise ratio 意思signal-to-noise ratio信号干扰比,信噪比; 例句:1.与此同时,由于信息传递非常之快,信噪比可能很低. At the same time, the signal-to-noise ratio can be low given how fast information travels now.2.然而要注意减小分

The roads are dotted with trash, the railways are littered with decaying garbage and our cities are disgraced by plastic bags. Lately, the worsening rubbish problem has aroused people's wide concern. Some hold the belief that it is an overstatement


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