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97年 Sowing the Seeds, Nurturing Growth and Harvesting the Rewards98年 ONE MAJOR PROBLEM IN THE PROCESS OF URBANIZATION 99年 COMPETITION OR COOPERATION00年 Education as a Lifelong Process01年 THE IMPACT OF


07英语专八作文题目Some people think that financial disparity affects friendship. What do you think? write an essay of about 400 words.

专八考试作文采用主观试题,要求考生在●45分钟 内,根据所给题目及要求撰写一篇●400个单词 左右的●说明文或议论文 .作文要求给出导语及作文提纲,或者是命题作文,或者是考生自主命题作文.作文●题材与学生的学习或日常生活密切相关,与时代相符. 专八作文常用的结构是三段式,即引言段提出观点或问题,正文段利用论据阐述观点或者解决问题,结论段进行总结得出结论.每一段的展开都应紧扣主题.


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专八写作样题&范文:PART V WRITING (45 MIN) With the continued growth of online teaching systems and integration of massive open online courses (MOOCS) into higher

Our life will change greatly in the 2018.In 2018, every family will own at least one computer, with which we can shop online without going out. That is really fantastic. Also, robots will be employed by every family. They can help do much of the


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