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滚石》评出的最伟大的100首英文歌曲 2000年11月17日,流行音乐杂志《滚石》与mtv音乐电视联合评选出了自1963年以来世界最伟大的一百首流行歌曲.“甲壳虫”乐队的经典老歌“yesterday”(昨日)被传唱三十七年,经久不衰,高居百

1. lonely 2. hero 3. yesterday 4. yellow 5. complicated 6. my love 7. all rise 8. thank you 9. big big world 10. one love 11. casablanca 12. baby one more time 13. here i am 14. because of you 15. yesterday once more 16. right here waiting 17. in the

1-The Beatles-yesterday 2-Rolling Stones-Satisfaction 3-Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit http://music.fancysky.net/data/om/nirvana/nevermind

1-The Beatles-yesterday2-Rolling Stones-Satisfaction3-Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit4-Madonna Ciccone - Like A Virgin5-Michael Jackson- Billie Jean6-Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand7-Aretha Franklin-Respect8-U2-With or Without You9-

《滚石》评出的最伟大的100首英文歌曲 1-the beatles-yesterday 2-rolling stones-satisfaction 3-nirvana - smells like teen spirit 4-madonna - like a virgin 5-michael jackson - billie jean 6-beatles - i want to hold your hand 7-aretha franklin-respect 8-u2

The Lazy Song懒汉之歌Today I don't feel like doing anything爷TM今儿毛都不想干I just wanna lay in my bed爷就想窝在被窝里头Don't feel like picking up my phone就是不想接电话捏So leave a message at the tone所以你就留个言呗'Cause today I

这排名是流行歌曲(pop songs),一般要看他的500 greatest songs 1. Yesterday - The Beatles 2. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones 3. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana 4. Like A Virgin - Madonna 5. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

1-the beatles-yesterday2-rolling stones-satisfaction3-nirvana - smells like teen spirit4-madonna ciccone - like a virgin5-michael jackson- billie jean6-beatles - i want to hold your hand7-aretha franklin-respect8-u2-with or without you9-the jackson 5-i

01.The Beatles-yesterday02.Rolling Stones-Satisfaction03.Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit04.Madonna-Like A Virgin05.Michael Jackson-Billie Jean06.the Beatles-I Want To Hold Your Hand07.Aretha Franklin-Respect08.U2-With or Without You09


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