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我也是初二的.我帮你吧.我最爱武艺了.望采纳.My favourite star is called Philip.A lovely boy.He is born in 1990.11.3.In this summer holiday,I met him in the happy boy.He grow resembles Monchichi.A lovely monkey.I like the sound of his voice

My favourite female star is Krystal.Her Chinese name is Zheng xiu jing.She is a member of the most popular Korean pop group f(x) of five girls all over Asia and even the world.I like her because she is very kind-hearted,she always do charities for

My favourite star is who called Luhan.我最喜欢的明星叫鹿晗.I think he is the most handsome man worldwide.我认为他是世界范围内最帅的男人.In my eyes,Luhan is a perfect idol who has no shortages but does exllently in all platforms.在我看来

My favourite pop star is Zhou Huajian. I like him not only because he is very handsome, but also his songs are very beautiful. On October 18, he gave a performance in Tianjin. About 2500 fans went to the stadium to see him. Almost all of them were

I Like MusicI believe everybody has their own hobby. Different people have different hobbies. For me, my hobby is music. I like music very much. It is magical for me. It gives me the sense of happiness. It can make me happy when I am sad. I will listen

My name is xxx. I am twelve years old. I am a little thin with short hair and a pair of glasses. I like singing and dancing. I am good at English and Chinese. But I am weak in my math. I am interested in doing all kinds of sports. On weekends I often play

My favourite singer Do you know Jay?He is My favourite singer! After listening to his song ,you can feel very happy.Singer Jay Chou is a great singer, nice piano player, as well as gifted composer from Taiwan. Some people compare him as Michael

Jay Zhou, who was born in Taiwanin , is my favorite singer. He has produced many popular songs loved by lots of teenagers. One of his famous songs, Qing Huaci, is my favorite. I like him because he works very hard, and he never gives in no matter

我最喜欢的明星 My favorite star is a girl called Li Yuchun, who is well received by so many people coming from all over the world.In my eyes, she is a likely girl. As we know, she is always full of energy and confidence on the stage. With her great


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