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To sb surprise

表示惊讶的英文dear me,意思是哇塞. dear me 哇塞; 拓展资料 双语例句1. Outside, Bruce glanced at his watch: "Dear me, nearly oneo'clock." 出了e79fa5e98193e58685e5aeb931333365656565门,布鲁斯瞥了一眼自己的手表,“天哪,

害怕 可怕的惊讶:awful;dire;terrible;horrible 赞同的惊讶:exactly ,clearly ,absolutely 表示好看,完美的惊讶:fantastic ,fabulous, amazing, perfect

小的惊讶:surprise,名词、动词,surprised形容词 大的惊讶(震惊):astonish动词,astonished震惊的,形容词 amaze惊愕,动词;amaze惊愕的

1. say the words,"i love you." 说出那句“我爱你.”2. seek your father's advice and opinions. 寻求你父亲的建议和意见.3. arrange activities strictly for you and your dad. 为你和你的父亲特别安排好活动.4.visit your father on a regular basis. 定期地去拜访你的父亲.

令人惊讶的是to my surprise谢谢采纳

hope to do sth wish to do sth desire to do sth expect to do sth 满意请采纳,谢谢!

一、短语 be surprised about 对〔听到〕…感到吃惊 be surprised at 对〔听到〕…感到吃惊 be surprised at the news 听了这消息非常诧异 surprise sth from sb 出其不意地使某人说出某事 surprise sb into tears 出其不意地使人哭起来 surprise sth out

译成英语为:to his surprise 你的采纳 我的动力希望我能继续帮助你 还有一个答案:to his amazement. To his surprise, he passed the exam. = To his amazement., he passed the exam. 是他惊讶的是,他通过了这次考试



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